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The power of one's presence, either through endorsements, popularity or vote of confidence in said person that often lends itself to strongly influencing a certain decision or state of indecisiveness. In friend settings, the strength of one's star power is usually determined by how close and popular a particular friend is, in comparison to the strength they may have in persuading another individual's actions contrary to their initial thoughts.

The word's influence originated from the star power-up found in the Super Mario Kart games, in which upon collecting, would render the racer invincible and powerful for a few seconds. When the same mechanics are applied in a real-life setting, one who has star power has enough power to influence a particular decision for a particular moment in time, either short or long-term.
Luke was pretty indecisive about going; in fact, he said he wasn't going to go to the commencement. However, I was able to enlist the help of his friend, who used her star power to convince him that he should go because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My friends definitely told me that I should definitely put my star power to good use by helping them persuade one of my other friends to come along to the party.

I may not be that popular, but I think enough people know me enough that I can probably lend what little star power I have to get more votes in your favor for that student government position you've been running for.

Despite the amount of star power she carried in high school, it wasn't enough to get Desiree into the college she primarily chose to enroll in after graduation.
by Silent_Edge January 17, 2011
When you share information with someone and vice versa so that each of you come to an equal level of understanding about something. However, one can withhold the more important information to his or her advantage.
"Come on, I don't know much about the girl--will you at least level with me?"

"I don't know anything about what's going on... at least, for twenty dollars I can level with you... do you understand?"
by Silent_Edge March 03, 2009

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