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1 definition by SilentEarth826

The melodic equivilent to prison rape. Its melodies are the musical genius of a downsyndrome patient.

Here are the positions:
Grind Core Positions.

Vocalist: Their job is to get raped, and for their voice to resemble the sound of such, For a good substitute, a Pig could be used in place for the vocalist.

Guitarist: Their Job is maybe the easiest, They only have to take a guitar and punch it on various places on the fretboard, also, the same sound is to take a pregnant woman and to psh her down stairs.

Bass: Open cords. Just basically hit it.

Drums: This one maybe quite challengeing (diffuculty rating: 1st grade) The grindcore drummer has to be suffering of epilepsy for having a seizure on the drums is the only way to get the best sound. But heres what they do; hit the snare drum at various times, rapidly, but not melodically. For the bass, just stomp every third of a second. and cymbals, just whenever you can.

With those steps you can explore the world of grindcore in no time!
James: Hey Im Going to see waking the cadaver today they're a grindcore band!

Mike: Oh cool, Id come but im not a manic depressive so I wont have to shoot myself. have fun though!
by SilentEarth826 April 11, 2009