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A company that sells the St. Bernard iPrism software to schools and companies. This iPrism software is the main reason why you can't go on the fun web sites like games if you are at work or at school. Sometimes that iPrism software blocks web sites that shouldn't even been blocked in the first place. View and hated by many as schools and companies way of censoring the web.
(Insert name of school) High School's St. Bernard iPrism software just blocked urbandictionary.com today because of (profanity, entertainment).
by Silent Greg April 30, 2004
An art term for cartoons. Can be anything that involves lots of drawings in so many frames per second. Usually is draw in 2-D, but lately 3-D animation like the Toy Story movies is becoming very popular.
Two major groups of animation are American and Japanese i.e. anime.
by Silent Greg April 10, 2004
A sorry excuse for an internet blocking system i.e. St. Bernard, used by schools and companies, to block a web site when there is really nothing wrong with the site. Schools and companies like to use this excuse to censor web sites when they can't think of a good excuse to block a web site.
Some Futurama and The Simpsons fan web sites are blocked by St. Bernard because of web host.
by Silent Greg April 30, 2004

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