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5 definitions by Sieffy13

Those creepy ghost twins from 'The Shining'
The Grady twins: Come play with us Danny for ever and ever and ever.
by Sieffy13 August 14, 2011
9 0
Head/earphones that no longer work
Guy 1: Dude can I borrow some headphones? I wonna listen to some sweet beats.

Guy 2: No, sorry dude.

Guy 1: Why, I thought you just got Dre Beats last week.

Guy 2: Yeah but they no longer work, they're Deadphones.

Guy 1: Man that sucks.
by sieffy13 June 22, 2012
6 -1
A list of all the people who have performed oral sex on you.
Guy 1: Dude, your sister's in my falacebook.

Guy 2: Don't care, your mum's in mine!
by Sieffy13 August 22, 2011
7 1
When you do not eat pancakes on "Pancake Day".
Dad: It's Pancake Day what topping do you want on your pancakes?

Son: No thanks, I'll have waffles.

Dad: You can't want that, that's an act of pancake treason
by Sieffy13 February 12, 2013
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When one is notified of an unread E-Mail but in actual fact, they have not recieved one at all.
Guy 1: Oh cool, one new message and... it's a ghost e-mail.
by Sieffy13 October 30, 2013
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