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An unspeakable act of raw power and primative force, in which, an individual plows the nearest warm wet hole with reckless abandon and no regard for the safety of his partner. Punishable by death in most eastern block countries.
Cheekzilla gave his lady brain damage from unleashing the cheeks on her and knocking her head against the head board ALL NIGHT LONG.
by Siebinator March 23, 2004
Much like a pimp only instead of having a pimp hand he has the cheeks. Two mountains of molten lust firmly attached to the mans backside which the ladies cannot resist. Much more agressive pimp, a cheekzilla takes no prisoners and leaves no ladies un-plowed.
Cheekzilla's lady for some sick infatuation with his ass. She seems to bite it and is always trying to finagle a foreign object into it.
by Siebinator March 23, 2004
Stands for:
(1) Guys in back
(2) Gay in Bed
(3) Gettin' it Behind
(4) Going into butthole
(5) Going it Boy-style
(6) Good in back
(7) Gives incredible blowjobs
(8) Girl's instant buddy
Das GIB is and queer little fucker.
by siebinator March 23, 2004

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