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21 definitions by Sidenote

An EXTREMELY smelly bowel movement.
Pewey louie that was a stinkin lincoln!
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
Having sex while your son or daughter is in the house.
"Last night my mom and Dave were moving the furniture all night, IT KEPT ME UP!"
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
high upper class, looks down on common folk. someone who is rich and knows it,
You'd probably prefer some tip nosed fancy restaurant like McDonalds or something...
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
cool, awesome, or radical.
"That movie was totally titlyist."
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
Shaved pubic hair. Mary seems to think that men don't like it and it looks like a six year old girl's pussy.
Mary is an idiot, she thinks "the Six year old look" is gross, but the jungle she's got down there is waaay nastier. SO bad when you fuck her "Welcome to the jungle" Starts to blare.
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
in a multiple choice question the answer that is clearly wrong. Always choice D.
What brand was Jeff's first dildo?
A: Lickin' Lizard
B: Orgasmatron
C: Super Vibe
D: Grandma Flabbo
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
1) playing video games and immensely enjoying it.

2) Going to bed at a really early time. The earlier the more peteish.
1) He couldn't hang out with us today, because he would rather stay home and be peteish.

2) I stayed up all night last night, so tonight i'll probably end up being peteish.
by Sidenote October 09, 2006