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A very high quality tissue. One can use the phrase when they are actually in need of a good Puffs Plus and/or Kleenex OR in place of any other phrase in order to make people feel stupid for not knowing wat DT is (a foreign accent is preferred for pronunciation)
Lindsey's got the dankest tish!

Man, Ellie's got the flu bad... Girl needs some dank tish.
by Sickynarnar09 November 22, 2009
Down to frown.

When a chick is mean muggin, she may be down to fuck, but she is definitely down to frown.
Frat boy #1: Dude that girl is totally DTF!
Frat boy #2: Nah man, I think she just broke up with her boo... she doesn't want your curved penis.
Frat boy #1: Down to frown man, down to frown.
by Sickynarnar09 November 22, 2009
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