10 definitions by SickPhuck

Something that is so terrible or horrible that it as reached an all time low of a new word associated with the dreaded cunt. It should only be used for truly fucked up situations.
"Yo, Lexie slept with Eric".
"Yeah the day after you guys broke up, they had sex".
"Wow this is just cuntacular!".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
A MoMo is a loud and obnoxious girl who doesn't settle until she gets her way. She can be rude and doesn't like to think before she acts. MoMo is usually a nickname given to a girl named Maureen but sometimes girls like Monica wish their name could be sprinkled with the greatness of the title MoMo.
"Yo who wants to rap battle me?".
"No one would verse you".
"Because you are MoMo and can't be defeated".
"Damn right".
by SickPhuck April 29, 2008
An exceptionally wonderful orgasm given or received by a person named Maureen.
"Yeah it was more than an orgasm, it was a maurgasm".
by SickPhuck April 29, 2008

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