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1 definition by SickOFSusky

A place located in North Eastern, Pennsylvania that is known for its mass quantities of Bars and Rednecks. Everything needed is located on one small strip of road including the local hobo's. The school consists of teachers that worry more about their students tits hanging out than their actually teaching. Students snort anything they can when in the bathrooms, drug deals are the new cool and its acceptable to come to school shitfaced or stoned out of your mind. Susquehanna roads are falling apart and consist of some potholes that may possibly swallow a small car. Its miles away from normal civilization and that could possibly be there for the containment of its toothless inbred population. .. Warning::Run far far away!
Susquehanna is the place not to be.
by SickOFSusky March 11, 2011