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The blob that appears in the corner of one's eye every now and again...
"Dude you got a bit of a gooby going on there"
"Really? Cheers dude" *wipes*
by Siby September 01, 2005
When you bite down on food only to hit something unexpetedly hard and jar your teeth.
"Argh! I just had a chazzow from my sandwich!"
by Siby December 04, 2005
it is like sexually but relating to the net
i am intersexnetually frustrated right now
by Siby April 08, 2004
The collection of hair (and other things) that block up the plughole in a shower or bath
"Eww man, can you get the werid outta there? I need to take a shower"
by Siby August 20, 2005
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