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5 definitions by Sibbie

A song written by Whats her face, whom should be the leader of teen girl squad in my personal opinion.
I think I have a chance with this guy!
I hope I do a dance with this guy!
I hope I put a trance on this guy!
I think I'll lend some pants to this guy!
Hope I go to France with this guy!
Think I'll put some ants on this guy!
Guy guy guy guy
by Sibbie April 29, 2005
That strange sexual position that involves a paintcan , a paper bag , and wallpaper...
Husband: Honey wanna go do the Sibbie?
by Sibbie July 30, 2004
To drink a lquid from a straw and spit it back out in the straw.
Shelly did a backsplash in her Mountain Dew.
by Sibbie December 05, 2003
A place where Whatsherface is forced to go to by her "friends", cheerleader, so and so, and the ugly one. One or two cent each item.
Whatsherface, you can go to a thrift store...or junkyarrd.
by Sibbie April 23, 2005
A stupid living thing.
Germaine is a naive goth.
by Sibbie December 25, 2003