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it's just nifty

something that's cwl(cool)and useful and you're glad of it

usually used when something is changed or is new
WOW! This is really nifty! oh cwl!
by Sian and Gav March 29, 2005
it's used alot by people who are welsh or want to be welsh (frankly you dont blame them for trying). It's used on MSN as a replacement for cool and it is also spelt that way in the welsh language

(Also the aeronautical name for cardiff airport - CWL)
i.e. That's cwl or just cwl
by Sian and Gav March 29, 2005
what someone says to a person when they have just poured their heart out to them and they don't have the guts to say 'idon't like you'
jane- i really like you and want to get to know you better
tom- im sorry, i really like you but.....as a friend. Sorry!
by Sian and Gav March 29, 2005

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