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What the turks have been activley engaging in seince the 50s. First successful, because Nato did not want to tick off a Allie, against Communism. But now that they don't have the threat to leave Nato and help Communists, as a shield the denial is finally starting to wear thin.
Armenian Genocide denial is just as bad as Holocaust Denial
by SiD Hawth October 14, 2006
Holocaust denying douche, who used that fact that he is a historian as a shield to deny he was, and still is a neo-nazi, actually sued someone, who stated he was a holocaust denier, he lost the case. Now is in prison in Austria, for stating the Holocaust is a lie.

Oh and he was a big supporter of apartheid in South Africa.
David Irving is now in Prison, I hope he enjoys his shower buddies.
by SiD Hawth October 14, 2006
The mountain moses Suposedly landed on. Also the national symbol of Armenia, but it is 20 miles inside the turkish border.
I would love to one day see Mount Ararat
by SiD Hawth October 14, 2006
A thing Neo-Nazis,Anti -Semites, Gay Haters, and gypsy haters do. In a attempt to trivalize the holocaust.
Peole who engage in Holocaust denial like David Irving can all go to hell.
by SiD Hawth October 14, 2006

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