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2 definitions by Si-Tu

(n) The watching of a cunnilingus scene in an adult film.

origin- a play on words of Munchausen by Proxy
friend 1: Hey man, did you score last night?

friend 2: Not even close. I ended going back to my place solo for a little Boxmunchin' by Proxy.
by Si-Tu July 08, 2010
(n) A coughing fit that occurs in the presence of young seductive women or when they are being discussed.

Origin- Reference to Nabokov's Lolita.
middle-aged friend 1: So there were these chicks at the club last night wearing next to nothing and they must have been like 19 or 20... (coughing fit.)

middle-aged friend 2: Whoa! Nice Nabocough man, they must have been pretty young and hot. Can I get you some water or a lozenge?
by Si-Tu July 08, 2010