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1. As the New Yorker put it: "Nerd Camp."
2. A summer program in which students take in depth courses every week day for three weeks. In the middle are dances, activities, and much more.
3. A culture to itself consisting of Monty Python fans, Rocky Horror fans, Hitchiker's Guide fans, etc...
1. Damn that magazine!
2. We aren't that nerdy!
3. I only go there for the friends!
by shrubbery June 11, 2005
The spectacular broadway musical of the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was written by Python member, Eric Idle with music by Idle and John du Prez. It stars Tim Curry, Hank Azaria, Sara Ramirez, and David Hyde Pierce.
It is a brilliant production (it had a 12 million dollar budget). Among the best songs are "You Won't Succeed on Broadway," "The Fisch Schlapping Song," and "He's Not Dead Yet."
It's bloody brilliant! You must see it!
"In any great adventure
If you don't want to lose
Victory depends upon
The people that you choose
So listen Arthur darling
Closely to this news
We won't succeed on Broadway.
If we don't have any Jews."
by shrubbery May 23, 2005
The new awkward turtle. A moment of cold, unmoving social displeasure.
"I made a tasteless joke about Jews before he told me he was Jewish. It was a real awkward shrub moment."
by Shrubbery July 05, 2013
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