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A Sinhalese person, (derogatory).

Sri Lankan Tamils commonly refer to their Sinhalese counterparts as 'Bandas', possibly because Sinhalese people are commonly believed to have migrated to Sri Lanka from Orissa, and Banda is Oriyan for 'penis'.

The Sinhalese have been discriminating against and ethnically cleansing the Tamils from Sri Lanka for more than thirty years, culminating in the Vanni Massacres of April/ May 2009 in which between twenty to forty thousand Tamil civilians are believed to have been secretly massacred by the Sri Lankan Army under the Rajapakse regime. Hence, the hostility felt by Sri Lankan Tamils towards the Sinhalese majority.

Tamils also believe that the domination of Sri Lanka by the Sinhalese is attributable to brute force and positive discrimination rather than intellectual ability.
Even by Banda standards, he's not very bright...
by Shreya23 March 24, 2010
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