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Synonymous for saying someone is one hell of a smart monkey.
Ex 1:
John: Well I’ll be a monkey's uncle! Steve Jobs has made Apple more valuable than Microsoft on the market!

Justin: There's no doubt he's a shrewd simian.

Ex 2:
I just saved a lot of money by switching to GEICO! Call me pretentious, but this car owner feels like one shrewd simian!
by ShrewdSimian June 04, 2010
When an animal plops it's leaking anus down on your floor, desk, kitchen table, or other surface you wish it hadn't (pretty much every surface) and leaves a slimy excretion from it's anal glands.
My cat pulled a Chester Cheetah style prank on me as it sat, stepped, and repeated all the way across my desk leaving an anal juice stamp at each "sit" interval.
by ShrewdSimian May 06, 2010
What a woman has if she goes all day without a bra on and no one noticed.
We were out all day with Jane and never noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. It was nipply out and she wasn't wearing a jacket either. The woman's got ninja nipples!
by ShrewdSimian May 31, 2010

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