1 definition by Shralpy McGnar Gnar

Slutty girls that are too ugly to pick up dudes in real life. So they hang out online and post up pics of just their face....or just their tits....just not the whole package. They creep on unsuspecting dudes that are just trying to jack off to internet porn, but get reeled into having an internet bitch come over and give him a mouthy. But when they show up, and the guy is like WTF the girl is like "SUCKA, I know you've got a hard on!" They tell these guys how hot they are and how good they are at sucking dicks but really they've only really practiced on their older sisters dildo or vibrator!
Oh God, I hope that girl coming over tonight isn't some fugly internet bitch, she has big tits according to her FB profile pic, but it doesn't give a good enough view of her entire body.
by Shralpy McGnar Gnar December 15, 2010

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