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A Shpopper, as defined by a elite tribe of weed smokers and tobaccy lovers alike is....

The juiciest combination of weed and tobacco.

One "packs" a sphoppe(singular) by cutting or slicing a small fragment of a cigarette, then placing it in a small (1-3 inches) metal or glass tube. After you insert the cigarette into the top of tube, poke the cigarette end into a pile of finely ground weed. Then simply place the tube into a bong and brew yourself a tastey shpopetart. (a nicely toasted form of shpoppes.

Pronounced . SH-POPPER
common used names, popper


Created by the deadliest crew in the world
"Fuck yeah ill have a shpoppe"
"Yo man whats fo breakfast" "Shpoppetarts!"
"Derms refused to take a shpopper"
"Derms i hate you"
"shpoppes are green, niggas are black, fuck with me and ill take that shpoppe back"

Words, that sphoppe fits cleverly into

Unshpoppable- There is no way your gonna Shpoppe this, it's unshpoppable.
Meaning that the shpopper will not be shpopped.
Shpoplight- How high are you? You just ran that Shpoplight.
simply just used shpop instead of stop.
Shpoppe- Wu Tang Clan aint nothing to Shpoppe with.
Meaning their hard as fuck
Shpopped- I just shpopped in your GFs mouth
meaning i just cummed in your girlfriends mouth
Shpoppin'- Are you shpoppin me?
a more serious use of are you kidding me, but not as serious as are you fucking with me.
by ShpoppesRus September 22, 2009

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