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1 definition by ShortyLovesSprouse

A channel that begins the acting careers of teens trying to make it in the business. Some might think it is "gay" but it is a good channel for upcoming stars.

It helps keep them grounded, and I believe that it is a good place to begin a career. The shows are unrealistic - but what's your point? If you want reality - stop wasting your time watching TV. Television is supposed to give a sense of escapism to the viewers, to somewhat take us into the life that is not real.

For example:
HANNAH MONTANA - Of course if you just put on a wig people will still know it's you, but this is for the purpose of entertainment people.

THAT'S SO RAVEN - She can't really see into the future, but who cares she's foolish and makes me giggle.

THE SUITE LIFE - Awesome show! That is so bias but I don't care. It is funny and has some very very nice eye-candy.

PHINEAS AND FERB - The stuff they do is not actually possible, but get over it!

Etc, etc
Person 1: Do you watch Disney Channel?
Person 2: Yeah sometimes
Person 1: Those shows are unrealistic
Person 2: Get over it. I like it and you don't have to.
by ShortyLovesSprouse January 14, 2009
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