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The most thuggest easterly town of Australia where sweaty tourist's and bogan's come and think they think they own the place and leave confused to why they have three teeth, a black eye and six broken ribs.
E.g 1
Tyrone: Oi cuz lets go to Byron Bay and fuck shit up ay

Jase: Nar brew last time I went I got my cunt kicked in for
punching some shelia in the face, I didn't know anyone would care, we do it here all the time cunt

Tyrone: Yeah I bashed my mum last night brew

Jase: Fuck yeah cunt

E.g 2
Shnappy: Lets throw our kebabs at locals! You only go to Byron Bay once a year and slowy gather more of a shneeepkers to come over and drink beer in le top perk

Jamir: Ok on the count of trois, un, deux, trois, nice shot but why are they coming up to us?

Shnappy: Arrrgh they are kicking in my shneider
by Shneiderr June 28, 2010

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