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3 definitions by Shmick

another term for cool and crazy. someone that does something really cool and crazy is insane but in a good way. also something that u are unlikely to do urself.
I cant believe u jumped off the roof of that two story building, it was insane
by Shmick May 30, 2006
Someone who is a tank or a unit. These are guys that are such units, that u wouldnt want to piss them off. hope ur in their good books when they are angry.
first guy "Dude look at that massive builder"
2nd guy "yeah dude he's a tank"
by Shmick July 05, 2006
The greatest indoor soccer team in the world today. Full of young players that will dominate the sport for years to come.
"Who are the Aberfoyle Strikers?"
"Just the greatest team ever"
by Shmick May 31, 2006