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Someone coming from the country of Poland. They are famous for having blond hair and blue eyes. Their last names often end in ski, and contain z's. Last names are very hard to pronounce at times. Some Polish people are very anti semitic, and they have no reason for it.
They also have a holiday where you throw water on people.
If you walk around in Chicago, chances are you will find a Polish person.
They incorporate "WHOOPS" and "YUOOOOH"s in their traditional dances.

Not to be confused with the Russian
Sylwia: Oh man, those pirogies were dee-lishh.
Monika: I'm gonna go clean some Jew's house.
Daria: I'm gonna go suck some Polish sausage.
Emilia: My hair is so blond, it blinds people.
David: My eyes are so blue, it's unnatural.
Nicole: I'm a Polska Laska!
by Shmate March 19, 2008
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