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Greenwich is a place where everyone owns giant houses except a few down to earth people because everyone else has their heads shoved halfway up their asses. All the pussy boys play water polo and swim and all the girls play feild hockey and swim and during the summer they hang out at their rich and fancy clubs and think that their still not rich if they get called on it. Getting high and stoned at the high skool is probably the thing that most kids think will help them be cool. And most girls are total assholes and wont look at u twice unless ur ripped, ur parents are rich, u own 4 cars, belong to a club, and have three houses. Everyone in greenwich is basically a giant pussy and they are sheltered in a world and will probably get their ass kicked by the time they get into college if theyre not too stoned out to get there.
John: Hey Alex wanna come ova?
Alex: yea man we gonna smoke some nugget and listen to phish?
John: Yea bro maybe call some bitties but we got polo tomm morning
Alex: fuck that shit my parents will pay off the coach
by Shizzlepants August 21, 2005

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