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9 definitions by Shiz

a very very sexy man indeed.
mike shinoda is sex on legs.
by shiz March 23, 2005
Something that embodies a greatly significant quantity of wang.
Have you seen that wangtastic new movie? Gave one serious hard-on.
by Shiz January 09, 2004
tings can be repalced for anyword an abbreviation
my tings are rising. or is that your tings b?
by ShIz October 29, 2003
the last name of two hella hot bitches!!
Wow! Andrea and Allison Magnotta sure are hot as fuck!
by shiz November 16, 2004
the most kick ass words ever said by the hottest girl ever and her coolest friend!! yay i love paris!
paris:whats your name
paris:thats hot
by shiz November 16, 2004
syn. for shit - vulgar usage
I ain't buyin' any of that shiz...
by shIZ March 31, 2003
worst kind of person with the worst ethnic background
russian wiggers are dumb people that wear f.u.b.u
by shiz August 28, 2003