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pretty much the most fun you can have with absolutely no consequences
welcome to omegle
stranger-hey, A/S/L?
stranger-mexico huh?
YOU- yup, im in the cocaine buisness
YOU-want some coke?
by ShittyHawk5000-seeminglyscene? August 04, 2009
A word i just came up with to add to urban dictionary.
Guess it could mean something like :to create out of boredom.
"Man im hella bored."

"well shit what do ya wanna do"

"we could nabilate some words"

"nah id rather us nabilate some grub
by ShittyHawk5000-seeminglyscene? August 03, 2009
pretty much the same as shikes but with a less chance of getting in trouble when yelling it out loud in school.
A moment to break silence when you know every wants to scream oh shit.
"ok students its time for a serious pop quiz worth half of this semesters grade"


by ShittyHawk5000-seeminglyscene? August 04, 2009
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