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See Crazy, Serial Killer
Shitnutz is a videogame alias for an all-out maniac who finds his way to multiplayer computer games, in which he usually does pretty good. Anytime a victory is scored he strips naked and runs around outside yelling "Monkey see, monkey do, shitnutz will destroy you!!" in the voice of Henry Rollins(who sang those lyrics in a song from Rollins Band)
Go shitnutz! Go shitnutz!
by Shitnutz November 20, 2003
Someone who is very stupid, but not legally classified as retarded (by an IQ point or two).
You are a boce Kelly!
by Shitnutz March 20, 2005
durp A silly word to be used in silly context, such as at the end of a stupid joke, to emphasize intentional stupidity or ignorance.
"A durp a durp a durp-de durp!" or
"It's not 6:45, it's quarter to 7:00... DURP!!!!"
by Shitnutz November 20, 2003

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