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3 definitions by Shitnutz

See Crazy, Serial Killer
Shitnutz is a videogame alias for an all-out maniac who finds his way to multiplayer computer games, in which he usually does pretty good. Anytime a victory is scored he strips naked and runs around outside yelling "Monkey see, monkey do, shitnutz will destroy you!!" in the voice of Henry Rollins(who sang those lyrics in a song from Rollins Band)
Go shitnutz! Go shitnutz!
by Shitnutz November 20, 2003
1 1
Someone who is very stupid, but not legally classified as retarded (by an IQ point or two).
You are a boce Kelly!
by Shitnutz March 20, 2005
6 11
durp A silly word to be used in silly context, such as at the end of a stupid joke, to emphasize intentional stupidity or ignorance.
"A durp a durp a durp-de durp!" or
"It's not 6:45, it's quarter to 7:00... DURP!!!!"
by Shitnutz November 20, 2003
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