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A lame-brained jockminded ignorant cocksucker police officer who gets a kick out of pulling people over and writing them tickets for an excessive amount of money by unfair reasoning and tells the police chief to go fuck himself and or a court judge who's overly rude and has strong desires to hold everyone in his courtroom in contempt. Both may even have a strong desire to fuck someone's girlfriend especially if they're vice.
1. I took a fun cruise with my sexy girlfriend till dickjustice pulled us over and gave her a ticket and I did not like how he was looking at my girl.

2. Yes, I know that judge. He's dickjustice and he has an ugly ass wife.
by Shitface and Psychs January 14, 2010
A gay white person who fucks themselves and parrots.
Look at that lame fudcracker. You can tell he never had a woman in his life.
by Shitface and Psychs January 14, 2010
Fucked Up Serious Shit.
1. Is this what the FUSS is all about??

2.Women/marriage can be a big FUSS.
by Shitface and Psychs May 17, 2011
1. A neo nazi racist live webcam site for white people where negros aren't welcome and is being ran by a team of nazis. 2. To go live on the computer and spout racist insane babel to black people.
1. If you wanna meet some neo nazis, go to stickam.com.

2. My best friend is black and he's a victim on stickam.com.

3. Let's get on the webcam and stickam someone to death.
by Shitface and Psychs February 02, 2010

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