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Too bad Fugazi was only his FAVORITE band growing up. To be influenced by something doesnt mean to copy it. People don't like him or his music just because he's famous, and the cool thing now is to not like famous bands.
Some people say Tom Delonge makes pop-punk music. So whats the big deal? To we really need the generalization or derrogatory name?
by ShitKicker January 26, 2005
People who refer to Richmond, Va as "the mond" are destined to become either housewives or country club members, since the definition implies that the speaker is a spoiled rich kid who will have everything handed to them. People who enjoy "the mond" do not frequently go into the REAL Richmond (a.k.a. not the west end) and thus don't realize what a hellhole of a place it really is. Richmond sucks and you should be happy to not live there.
"The Mond" is a term used by people who don't realize what a shitty place Richmond really is.
by ShitKicker January 26, 2005
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