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1. A person that farts repeditivley during anal sex, not to be confused with someone whom occasioally farts during butt sex, as it must sound like an accordian going in and out repeditivley. ( a curious sloshing air noise)
2. A term used to insult a whore.
1. That bitch was a fart fucker, I had to stop fucking her in the ass.
2. Fuck that fartfucker whorebag!
by Shit Forest November 28, 2006
A homosexual that likes penis to be inserted into his asshole.
I spent the night at that assfucks house last night, he really liked getting fucked in the ass!
by Shit Forest November 27, 2006
1. A person whom when see's or touches cock, starts acting like a horny monkey, making monkey sounds and jumping around
2. A blatent and proud homosexual, or complete faggot
1. My brother is a goddamn cock monkey, he really loves cock.
2. I went to prison and became someones cock monkey.
by Shit Forest November 27, 2006

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