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A hairy, fat, transvestite, dude, possably in his mid 30's that wears a tutu, crown, and wand. He watches when your children loose their teeth, breaks into your house and goes into your kids room and proforms mandatory bartering with your unconcious children, pays them with either quarters, dollars or by teabagging them. than he "flys" away in his broken down 70's station wagon, to a crummy little apartment possably in NYC or Detroit, where he adds the new teeth to the existing pile on the living room floor, where he proforms some sort of tooth fetish ritual...possably by putting them in his mouth, rubbing his dick on them, shoving them in his ass...or other crevaces, and repetes the cycle over and over again.
Billy: *yawn* who the fuck are you?

Tooth bitch: *looks as if on crack* where are th..the teeth?

Billy: *screams* mom! where do we keep the shotgun?

Tooth Fairy: keep quiet kid! or your going to get the gas

Billy: *checks him out* you dont have to...u know...pay me in quarters, *takes his clothes off* we can work somthing out.

Tooth pedifile: *whispers to himself* score

*sex noises*
by Shinusha July 22, 2009
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