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When you have sex with a girl, tumble to the ground and accidentaly switch for vag to ass....
"That guy was so wierd last night,.. he pulled a topplepoff!

"I'd rather be be topplepoffed..."
by Shinoodle-oodle June 15, 2009
This is a game invented in a pub in Dublin. it involves having a half pint glass with a candle in it, and 1 pint glass with some sort of drink in it.
You need to have a beer mat. Place this on top of the half pint glass. You must hit the edge of the beer mat with your finger and flip it to hopefully land it on or in the pint glass.
The trick is you have to flick the beer mat before the candle goes out because of the lack of air in the glass.
It involves two players. One to flick the beer mat and one to set up the beer mats every time one is flicked.
If the flicker manages to land the beer mat on or in the pint glass, he/she got his/her hole.
Bets can be made that if the flicker can get their hole in one the other player owes them drink.
This game continues onto cunna lingus
Wanna try get yer hole tonight?

Got my hole last night... was at it for an hour..

He can't get his hole at all...
by Shinoodle-oodle June 15, 2009
This is a continuation of the game Get Yer Hole
If a player got their whole in one and now the other player owes them alcohol.
Cunna lingus again involves a beer mat and a pint glass. The player who now owes drink can use this to get out of buying the drink.
The player holds a beer mat in their mouth and has 5 shots to try flick the beer mat from their mouths so it lands on/in the pint glass.
If they get it in 5 shots they dont have to buy any alcohol for the other player.
He had me in Get Yer Hole... But I got him with Cunna lingus
by Shinoodle-oodle June 15, 2009

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