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-The Ninja girl AKA Kunoichi were women/girls that were trained in Ninjutsu(Art of stealth).
-Normally desguised as geisha's or villagers.
-Kunoichis usually desguis there weapons as Fans, Flute(blow gun), hair tie(poison needles),etc.
-Since their body stucture is diffrent from guy ninjas there training was diffrent meaning they had there own advantages.
-A kunoichi would hide there face and pretend to cry to draw the atention of the target. The target ussually comes closer to ask whats wrong then suddenly she takes out the hidden weapon and kills the target.

-A kunoichi will suddenly take her clothes of to make the target distracted,suprised ,horny then kill the target with a hidden weapon quikly.

-Ninja girls were effective in assasination because no one expects girls to be able to fight.

-Good at gathering info like battle plans when desguised as geisha
by Shinobinojutsu November 13, 2011
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