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Burnout Paradise is the seventh installment in the Burnout franchise created by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is radically different from last Burnout parts. You game is in sandbox style and you start races by hitting break and acceleration button on marked points on map. Graphics are incredible smooth and colorful – in my opinion it’s the best looking racing game on 256bit consoles. Also there is an option to choose your own soundtrack from HDD since "Cagney" update released on July 10, 2008 for PlayStation 3 and on August 4, 2008 for the Xbox 360
All great modes from last Burnouts are back and new ones are coming almost every month as buy-able content (DLC).

The highlight of Burnout Paradise is the multiplayer mode where dipshits from all over the world will fuck up your day. You just hate playing this game because of those jack asses.

If you're expecting 20+h of tense gameplay you will get it - that fucking awesome, but if you're expecting ultra hardcore game you will be dissopoitment. It's not Grid on ultrahard level.
Burnout Paradise have ruined my life (because for multi).

It's the win for EA and fail for hardcore gamers.
by ShinMoteuchi June 18, 2009
CECT is a brand of Chinese mobile phones. We don’t actually know what CECT shortcut stands for, but it might be “Chinese Electronic Custom Telephone” or something like this.
The CECT phones are common with touch screen and dual SIM card function.
CECT mobile phones are most often made in very low quality, so if you’re looking a toy for your 5 years old child- this is your best buy.
Go to ebay.com and type CECT P168, CECT P168+, CECT 599, CECT T5. You will see.
by ShinMoteuchi June 16, 2008
Blur is a Bizarre Creations game (creators of PGR, MSR and F1'97 in racing genre) published by Activision in 2010 and it's one of finest vehicular combat racing game ever made. Incredible car handling with much difference in each vehicle make it very hard to play for casuals and rewarding to hardcore gamers. I can describe online gameplay as CoD with cars but better and greater (luck = skill = experience).

Unfortunately soon after Blur release, Bizarre Creations was closed by nazists and fans for this brilliant racing game won't see sequel soon (if ever).
Sitting in a chair, doing some stuff, playing Blur when damn nazi comes to your room and fuck up your game by taking servers, putting lag and saying "no more Blur in future for you, you silly Polish shit" and gives new CoD instead.
by ShinMoteuchi July 07, 2011

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