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uncountable and countable
an alcoholic drink made from rice, or a type of this drink.
a glass of takeshima
a delicious takeshima
by Shimane Ken July 12, 2005
a restaurant in Seoul which serves Korean ethnic food
Try the A combo (8 oz. dog meat steak and 1 oz. dog brain serverd with dog soup, steamed rice and kimchi) at Tokdo. You will love it. (But you have to pay for what you have done, and it will cost you your life.)
by Shimane Ken October 13, 2005
noun, countable
1) a death cry
2) a Korean who keeps complaining like a dog whining in a corner
3) a sea of Koreans sobbing
Dokdos will reign over the whole peninsula. History repeats itself.
by Shimane Ken January 22, 2006

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