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This word mean means Jeah, tight, and COOL

Another Deffintion for this word is if u talkin to someone be like wats Hoodi...

And when your about to fight just yell out Hoodi Hooooo and all ur friends should come and help you
Example 1
HoodiHooOkay:ay girl
HoodiHoooOkay: was hoodi
PlayBoy4lyf1: Nada just chillin
Example 2
HoodiHooOkay:I got des new airforce 2
HoodiHoooOkay: Oh Snap.. Dats Hoodi
Example 3
HoodiHoooOkay:You comin through tonight
PlayBoy4lyf1: Hoodi
by Shiloh93859034 April 19, 2006

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