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While having sex with a woman during her menstrual cycle, ejaculate inside of her. Afterwards, pull out and have her suck the reddish cream off of your penis. It slightly resembles the popular "Zinger" snack cake. Also, if you do this procedure to a midget, its called a Strawberry Shortcake.
"Remember that chick from the club Friday night? I took her home and gave her The Zinger!"
by Shilly Dilly November 16, 2009
During sex, the man pulls his penis out of the womans vagina and ejaculates into her bellybutton. After doing this, he dunks the head of his penis into the "glaze" and inserts it into her mouth. If there's more than one man, its a "double-glazed".
Dude, I just Krispy Kremed that bitch!
by Shilly Dilly November 16, 2009
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