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The act of sneaking onto someone elses facebook and liking every krispy kreme page possible, then writting " I have been krispy kremed" as their status.
Did you see Steven's facebook? He got krispy kremed!
by tylerhgville92 January 31, 2011
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Krispy Kremeing involves cumming on a girl's face and using a hair dryer to dry it on her face. Afterwords take a picture of it and put it in a photo album and sit it on your coffee table for friends and family to see.
Me and Stacey went back to my place and I Krispy Kremed her. Then I took a picture and put it in a photo album.
by Crusader69 March 20, 2013
flamed out (extreme); due to rampant over-expansion, abrupt and total collapse of a business or fad; from flying high in an over-hyped and ubiquitous presence to sudden and permanent obscurity
Netflix will get krispy kremed if they don't put something decent on instant view, like, yesterday.
Palin got the kripsy kreming she deserved!
If only they had made decent coffee, maybe they wouldn't have gotten krispy kremed.
by Senor Larro January 01, 2009

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