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A term used in southern Ireland for stealing a girl you're either dating, that you like, or that you're persuing, usually happens between friends, and can cause conflict.
Friend 1: Ahh man, I'm feeling bad about the break up, I loved her :(

Friend 2: Don't worry bro, shes ok, I was in her house last night. We got a little thing going.

Friend 1: Dude! Your totally pulling a rafto on me?

Friend 2: ...
by Shevo July 06, 2012
This is a term used in awkward or tense situation in places in Ireland. Timing is very important, if it is said in a bad moment it's bad timing, but if said in a very tense or anxious moment, it's good to excellent timiing.
Teacher: Where's your homework? ....How dare you come into this room without your homework! HOW DARE YOU!

Example 1:
Boy 1: So Josh boy, what a man?
Boy 2: Awesome timing
by Shevo June 03, 2011

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