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Having another person in your life that helps you with your decision making till your own conscience skills developed . Usually this development of your own conscience will never occur according to the two legged conscience. Usually a wife friend or other helpful person qualifies as a two legged conscience. Poor results from behavior according to what your sense of right and wrong tells you is right denotes a need for a two legged conscience.

A two legged conscience will assist you in freely feeling shame when you do something immoral;
Pat a two legged conscience reminded Bob that he has no conscience about his habits"
A two legged conscience is needed when you are not able to adher to ethical or moral principles; you demonstrae a base, degrading way of life . Participate in dishonorable unethical practices usually causing immense fun and joy with a result of a total lack of guilt.
If Dick had a two legged conscience he would be alive today. Dick not having a two legged conscience developed a life style that He enjoyed but killed him. Poor individual decision making . Staying out for one more for the road. Not responsible to any higher authority.
by Sherlockhomes January 03, 2011
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