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Phase used to describe something that is good for you supposedly.

Originated from the Dr. Steve Brule skits from Tim & Eric Awesome Show.
Dr. Steve Brule : Fish is for cats, FOR YOUR HEALTH!
by SherlockBrolmes May 29, 2010
The special form of communication between a group of Bros.
Bro : I think we're receiving something...


Bro : I think our fellow bro is saying "Bring Nintendo GameCube" in Brorse Code!
by SherlockBrolmes May 27, 2010
Someone who plays Call of Duty way too much for their own good. Basically a groupie for COD.
Guy 1: I hate COD, it's totally overrated!

Guy 2: Dude, COD is awesome, no homo but if COD was a guy I would go down on him.

GUY 1: EWWW! Hey everyone this guy is a CODsucker!
by SherlockBrolmes May 28, 2010

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