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Slime Ball is a series of exciting and intellectually stimulating gaming applications avaible to the avid computer user. Games include SoccerSlime, Slime Volley Ball 1 and 2 and Slap the Slime. You can download these aquisite applications on Kazaa or just play them on addictinggames.com, some playing stradgies of these blockades are found in Forensics and in cited fortications.
"I'd rather you attack me with chain, rather then run your hand over my slime ball."
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
A Flag representing a special place in our society, such as Pete & Pete, Foster Child, tree hair, glasses, and a super duper G-String.
"Hey man, you best rep the cryptic
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
(1)Dry yet sulfuric jiving particles.
(2)G Q's juice (as referred to in section AII of document 412 of the "Dried Preperation of Fruit/Fruity beverages" Volume 4)
"Pass the ice kreme bro?"
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
Very beautiful place that the kings need to go to so they can become gang memebers to the hit smash new group
"I'm going to Sri Lanka"
by Sherlock March 28, 2003

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