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1) A person who without substance of argument engages in inflamatory debate in an online forum for the purpose of causing disruption and anger in others, usually for their own amusement.

2) A person or group of persons who expresses an opinion different to the majority in the selected forum. These people, despite possible evidence based arguments, are labled troll as a dismissive measure, so that the majority is not forced to confront an opinion they do not agree with.
1) Anybody who had to look up this definition is an idiot.

2) Troll: I present fact1, fact2, and fact3 in evidence to support my argument that your opinion of the economic state of the US is inaccurate and based on sensationalist media bullshit.
MajorityMember: lol ignore dis idiot hez just a stupid troll
by Sheogorathicus VIII December 18, 2011
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