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Besides boring and something which no longer lives among us, it also is the late, great, former singer of Black Metal group MAYHEM.

He was in the split album they did with Morbid Angel and a few other bootlegs and live albums.

Just before releasing their second album, Dead slashed his arms up and blew his brains out with a sawed off shotgun.

HellHammer (Mayhem's drummer) took broken skull pieces and made them into a necklace and Euronymous (Mayhem's late, great, former guitarist) took a bit of his brain, cooked it and ate it. Another interesting bit is that Euronymous took a picture of Dead after his suicide, un-tampered with. This picture was on the cover of a bootleg of mayhem featuring dead and current singer, Maniac (which was one of the first vocalists of Mayhem, even before dead anyways - he was the vocalist on Deathcrush).

To many (including myself), Dead is a metal God, he was Mayhem's best vocalist, and true kvltist of black metal. In tours he would cut himself with knives and throw rotten meat at the crowd and he died self inflicted and brutally.

Dead is gone, but in no way forgetten by Mayhem's fans.

Dead is a metal God to black metal as Chuck Shulinder is for Death Metal.
"Before the shows Dead used to bury his clothes
into the ground... He was a "corpse" on stage" - Hellhammer
by Shenmoo April 24, 2004
A person who is KVLT. KVLTist has 2 meanings and uses basically.

1: Used to define either a metal head or a band thats either death or black metal (Ussually black metal though). Basically to put it short, Metalheads that are into the most extreme forms of metal (like yours truly), and bands that play extreme forms of metal (Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Entombed, etc.).

2: Used sarcastically against mallcore kiddies who think ACTING evil is cool. They ussually say racist, hateful and satanist things, but they probably dont even knjow or believe what they say, they just say it to look and act KVLT so real metalheads accept them.
1: (Band) Former Mayhem vocalist "Dead" is a true black metal kvltist!

(Metalhead)Look at that guy with spikes covering his forearms, a bullet belt and a shirt of Marduk, that guy's a black metal KVLTist, and that guy next to him with longhair, plain clothes and a shirt of Death is a death metal KVLTist

2: Look at that kid with the spikey hair, wallet chain, hot topic accesories, and slipknot shirt. He's a fucking mallcore kiddie wannabe-KVLT
by shenmoo April 23, 2004
A homophobic ugly moron that has no idea how to spell, nor how to use english grammar in any way possible.
Fuck quazy qual
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
see free oldies

quicky: 1 - a site created by former skinheads and SS officers that escaped trial that supports piracy and right wing facist dictatorship, tyranny, despotism and totalitarism

2 - mature porn fetish, a site that offers free porn involving old 60+ year olds in action
man that place is like free oldies. it sucks ass.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
Pathetic web site and forum made by ignorant people who take "FO" as their purpose in life and "job".

Strangly, also linked with free porn of old people (mature porn), but in this case, it's just a bunch of french guys that used to be in a neo facsist klu klux klan and stupid fucking old people like Storm Rider and Weasel Wardancer who push their neo nazi beliefs on a web forum, in hope of a resurection for their fuhrer.
guy: Hey this forum looks good I think i'll register.

dude: no way man, you'll just get your ass flamed off the forum, and end up getting banned for no reason.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
subzero2o: extremly nice person with a great sense of humour.

subzero20 (urban dictionary lamer seen here): An idiot and a coward, who obviously insulted me through the shenmoo definition, using urban dictionary as a MESSAGE BOARD.

If you ever see any sexist and/or homophobic insult definition that looks like it was made by a 12 year old who hates life with a name like "subzero20, the guy in ur moms bed, the guy FORM last night" it should be discarded, because its guarenteed to be an ignorant and flaming defintion (most of the time)
probably quazy qual, a coward that doesnt use his own name or alias that people know him by, because he fears their reaction.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
A bad motherfucker, see Jules of Pulp Fiction.
1: your such a shenmoo!
by Shenmoo March 15, 2004
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