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the most kick ass fucking band ever! they fucking rock! their nothing like these other dumb fucks who call themselves punk-rock..this is true, goth-punk-rock music to the core!
WARNING! songs will get in your head and NEVER GET OUT! they aalso will make you wicked gay ...yes a lot of ppl use that term to define MSI...cuz its true!
by Shelle November 17, 2004
a made up "perfect" man that leaves millions of ppl behind dailey (ppl such as myself and friends)

i do beleive that MSI is correct...Jimmy Urine should be god... as in the lyrics of "Do Onto Others"...
"every day, I ASK WHY
you were picked to be JESUS CHRIST
it could have been me IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME
up on the cross, tellen you all..."
Mindless Self Indulgence
his book of tall tails-
by Shelle November 17, 2004
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