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Oi' (hey, hello,watch out or mind ya self)

is an english expression for a greeting or for a warning!depending on the situation...
"Oi, I know you! your that girl from the club,how ya been?"

"oi, how are ya mate aint see you in a while"


"Oi, you! stop give me back my wallet!"

or "oi, mind that huge hole in the ground!"
by shell November 19, 2003
a term used for describing a spunky guy; a crush; dream guy
"Allan" is my spunky yum-yum
by Shell August 11, 2003
to describe a loved one; crush; hot person
"Allan" is my spunky yum-yum!
by Shell August 12, 2003
horney asshole
sayings; are you ever horney? it's like your never randy??????????
by shell August 04, 2003
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