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Someone who jumps from friend to friend to friend... they are your closest friend for like two weeks, then when they meet a new group of friends, or they just can't get along with people, then they move on, and jump into another circle of friends trying to fit in.
"Hey wasn't she one of your closest friends? And in your top?"

"Yeah, for like a month... Then I didn't hear from her anymore and she's hanging out with a bunch of new people now. She's just a Jumper."
by Shelbykitty August 15, 2008
A sweet and tasty treat representing another food term used to encompass the essence of a woman's nether-region... to be used in conjunction with phrases that describe the greatness of your cake, how sweet and tasty it is... and how people cannot resist it. Having a golden cake means you are getting plenty of action. Similar to that of muffin, you can sample someone's cake or take a big bite out of it, but it will always be good, soft, edible, and irresitible.
My cake is sweet.
Shit, my cake is golden!
Would you like some cake?
I nibbled me some cake! mmm....
by Shelbykitty July 23, 2010
Another name we like to use in reference to Po-Po, or Police. They drive around all slow, hide in the dark, and wait for unsuspecting prey to go by. Then they dart out after them, chase them down, and completely ruin their day by giving them a stupid ticket for something.
"Man, watch out, there's a Shark over there, parked around the corner. Slow down..."
by Shelbykitty March 05, 2009

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