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Means "Everythings going well for me". Came from the Simpsons character MilHouse when something particulary swell happened to him.
I just found 10 bucks, everything's coming up Milhouse!
by Sheepz January 29, 2004
A Gathering where fans of Japanese Animation and Video Games unite. It has the typical geeky convention vibe, as most conventions do. You will find your fair share of cosplayers, crossplayers, and wapanese. But, not everyone there is wapanese, many are regular folk that enjoy Anime.
When going to an anime convention, be sure to avoid the creepy 40 year olds dressed as Sailor Moon.
by Sheepz October 03, 2004
Short for "Pirates of the Caribbean" It's a movie about well,...pirates. It stars Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, and Geoffery Rush.
When I saw POTC, I swear, I creamed myself
by Sheepz August 13, 2003
Someone who has not seen The Rocky Horror picture show in a movie theater. They virgins are usally marked with a large V on the forehead. A few (or all) go through a virgin sacrifice. This can be anything from sucking cream out of twinkies to acting out porno titles.

Oh, and watching RHPS on video/dvd/tv doesn't count as being de-virginized.
That girl is a RHPS Virgin.
by Sheepz June 08, 2003
RHPS- (acronym) It stands for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's one of the best movies, I highly suggest it. It's most offened used because the title is just to damn long.
Hey, has anyone seen RHPS
by Sheepz June 08, 2003
1. French for "tiger"
2. A Poppy, alternative, New Wave punk band. More popular on the west coast.
1. J'aime Le Tigre.
2. I like le tigre's song "my art".
by Sheepz July 19, 2003
The Bad Guy from the disney movie,"The Nightmare before Christmas". He's actually made of bugs. His hendchman are Lock, Shock,and Barrel. He's supposed to be the most evil thing in Halloween town (prehaps the world)
And you keep that Oogie Boogie out of it!
by Sheepz July 23, 2003

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