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A small unincorporated town nearby Danville, Walnut Creek, and San Ramon. Alamo kids are much more chill than Danville, Walnut Creek, or San Ramon kids, and the majority aren't stuck up like the ones mentioned. Alamo kids spend most of their time around downtown Danville, Blackhawk, the Walnut Creek downtown, or at the Alamo plaza.
You know when a kid is from Alamo, CA when they're respectful but know how to have a good time.
by She'sTheBlade May 11, 2011
What happens when 80% of the fangirl population sees something cute like a character match-up and/or is reading a yaoi. Requires lots of flailing around, making kitty faces and screaming "OMIGOD!" or "SO KAWAII!"
Did you see Samantha back there? I think she was diagnosed with Retarded Fangirl Syndrome after she saw that Maka X Soul match-up.
by She'sTheBlade April 09, 2011
Random, meaningless letters on a chat/text. What happens when your cat takes a nap on your keyboard.
"gfv,zkdsjlsdxnnjzds,.mjxchksdddddddddddddddddvdxk,.dssd" is an example of Catonkeyboard Syndrome
by She'sTheBlade February 17, 2011
When something so hilarious, gross, sexual, or just plain weird happens that you need somebody to put it into a manga.
Jessie: Hey Samantha, can you look at the charactor I drew?
Samantha: Yeah. Hey, wait, did you just draw Garret?
Jessie: It's a girl! See the boobs?
Samantha: No, I wasn't looking. I'm not a perv.
Jessie: If you were a perv, you would be a hot guy.
Samantha: Gyaaaaaa! This is so a Manga Moment!
by She'sTheBlade February 18, 2011
Sitting at your computer and being there to watch over all the steps to downloading something even if the download is a couple hours long.
Jack was up for a couple hours on his computer downloading a game. He must of been Sheperding A Download because he barely moved the entire time.
by She'sTheBlade April 01, 2011
Abbreviation of "Sweet Lady Kisses". Used for privacy when talking about the latest lesbian act you have seen or been a part of.
Girl 1: We totally got our SLK on when we were at your house yesterday.
Girl 2: Yeah, it was totally rad. My place tonight?

Glee Fan: Santana and Brittany totally got their SLK on according to last night's episode!
Person: You have an unholy fascination with fictional high school cheerleaders.
by She'sTheBlade January 15, 2012
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