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A Jew, usually reformed but he or she can also be conservative if they go to a large enough temple, who only goes to temple for the two days of Rosh Hannah, though occasionally they may show up for Yom Kippur (although the fasting impairs socializing). They usually spend the most of their time socializing outside with their friends.
"I didn't even know Michael went to this temple!"
"Oh you didn't know? He's been a two-day-a-year-jew since his Bar Mitzvah."
by ShawnCP September 18, 2009
The tendency of girls to take pictures with everyone at a party (regardless of whether or not they like the people in the photos), so that if something awkward or embarrassing happens with someone during the course of that party, there is usually a photo of them before that incident happened.
"Look at that picture of Michael, Ella, and Isabel"
"Weren't Ella and Isabel in a catfight that night?"
"Yeah but this was at the beginning of the night, it's clearly a retroactively-awkward photo op."
by ShawnCP November 03, 2009

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